Burra Landcare has ceased operation

At its AGM on 4th August 2020 Burra Landcare resolved to cease all operations and to close, effective immediately.  At the time of the AGM, Landcare had only 5 financial members and opportunities to attract more interest looked bleak.  Landcare has transferred all of its funds to the Burra Community Association (BCA) and the BCA has agreed to use these funds for Landcare-related activities.  More information is available in the September 2020 issue of The Intermittent.

Landcare Aims

Burra Landcare aims to enhance the biodiversity of the Burra and Urila areas and surrounds through the protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

The Burra and Urila area contains a number of ecological communities, including grassy box woodlands and grassland communities, which are classed as Regionally Endangered in the Murrumbidgee/Molonglo catchments.  There is less than 10% of this type of vegetation left.  Our projects aim to address the following issues:

  • Enhancing local indigenous fauna and flora and avoiding loss of biodiversity
  • Preserving and enhancing remnant grassy woodland
  • Establishing linking wildlife corridors
  • Raising community awareness & education about sustainable land management e.g.
    • responsible grazing techniques
    • erosion and weed control
    • caring for native ecosystems.   

Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council (QPRC) will be upgrading Burra Road at the S bends between Little Burra Road and London Bridge Road in late 2019.  Plans have been made available to Burra Lancare and they may be downloaded here (PDF versions).  The timetable for the works is not yet available.

The Molonglo Catchment Group regards the Burra sub-catchment area as particularly significant as it feeds water into the Queanbeyan and Murrumbidgee systems and, due to soil types and hydrogeological landscapes, is very subject to erosion.  Erosion from the Burra area can lead to significant siltation problems in the downstream river systems, besides destroying the amenity of the area itself.  Soil erosion has, historically, been a significant problem in the Burra sub-catchment area.  A Land Management Framework for the area has been developed for the Burra area by, among others, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and has been published as the

Burra Landscape Management Plan

It is available for download by clicking the above link, or clicking here (a PDF file of 80 pages, opens in a new window).  The Plan is very detailed and includes a number of maps and tables showing recommended management practices for the area.  It builds on historical learnings and past investments in the Burra landscape, and uses experiences from the Molonglo Catchment Group in assisting 85 local landholders in managing their land and remediating soil erosion.

The Management Plan can be used by finding your property location on the maps and then using the charts to understand risks and to guide land remediation and management.