Burra Community Association

Burra Community Association. BCA –Who are we?

A group of local residents who volunteer to take a turn at supporting Burrans to have a sense of belonging and facilitate information sharing for all.  Any household in the Burra and Urila districts can join the BCA by paying the annual susbscription of $20.

According to the constitution adopted at the BCA Annual General Meeting on 20th August 2017 the objectives of Incorporation are

    1.  To promote harmony, cooperation, support and pride among residents of the Burra and Urila district.
    2.  To raise funds to improve or establish facilities or services for the Burra and Urila community.
    3.  To represent in any matter the interests of the community in the Burra and Urila district.

There is a BCA Committee, chosen at the Annual General Meeting, held in August every year.  Contact details of committee members are published in The Intermittent, the community newsletter delivered monthly to your letter box (or emailed if you prefer a colour version before your local volunteer deliverer pops a copy in your mailbox).

We meet once every two months and keep in touch by email in between. Any paid up member of BCA can request to attend a meeting as an observer - the Agenda for the next meeting is published below when it has been prepared. Of course we’re always on the lookout for folks to volunteer a spot on the committee so if you’re reading this and live in Burra/Urila think about giving us a call.

Minutes of the latest meeting are available as a PDF file here.

Current Members of the Committee:

  • Robyn Oswald (President)
  • Clare Martin (Vice-President and Assistant Treasurer)
  • Sarah Martin (Treasurer)
  • Rob Hurle (Secretary and Public Officer)
  • Rachel Clarke
  • Carrol Jordan
  • Maree Latimer
  • Pilar Perez-McKay
  • Janet Spencer

The BCA is registered with Fair Trading NSW, and a PDF copy of the registered constitution can be downloaded or viewed here.

Latest Meeting of the BCA Committee

The BCA Committee met on 18th September 2019, and a copy of the minutes is available here.  Highlights included planning for a Car Boot Sale (aka Market Day) and attempts to organise a meeting with QPRC about the Burra Road S bends.  Information has since come out about the S bends and you should look out for that in the latest issue of The Intermittent.